10 Movie Video Games That Were EPIC Fails

9. Saw II: Flesh And Blood (2010)

Star Trek

Since 2004, the SAW franchise has made just shy of $1 billion at the box office. Spawning six sequels in as many years and a later reboot-sequel, Jigsaw, in 2017, the video games from 2009 and 2010 took various elements from the films available at the time.

Konami wanted SAW to be its next Silent Hill, but, well, it wasn't.

Saw: The Video Game acted as a bridge between the first two films and gave gamers the chance to explore an asylum full of Jigsaw's traps. Environmental details were faithful to the sets of the films and creator James Wan was credited with helping develop the story and had input with the trap designs. Critical reception was middling: the combat was flawed and the puzzles were fairly tiresome.

The sequel managed to make the combat system worse. Heavy and light attacks were gone. Players had to react to button prompts rather than their own skill. Certain enemies demanded use of convenient environmental traps. Quick-time events popped up for insta-kill traps and there were a worrying number of weak ceilings and floors to fall through.

This one's a fail because it didn't capitalize on the first game. It took a serviceable game, an infamous film franchise and just diluted the appeal.

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