10 Movies You Never Knew Had Their Own Video Game

Yes, John Wick has his own isometric shooter.

John Wick Hex
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It's fair to say that video games based on movies don't exactly have the best reputation: for every brilliant licensed game like GoldenEye 007 there are literally dozens of soulless movie adaptations rushed out the door as lazy cash-ins.

But the movie game market is undeniably huge, and much larger than you're probably aware.

Every year there are countless video games based on movies released, many of which end up being missed by the majority of players for one reason or another.

These 10 movie video games, for instance, largely fell on deaf ears upon release, and in the years or decades since have lived on largely as cult curiosities for fans to discover.

This isn't to say that all these games are terrible, but even the good ones are totally unexpected given how most of these movies weren't ever begging for a video game adaptation - at least, not this sort of game.

From hit comedies being awkwardly translated into kitschy platformers to adaptations that totally missed the point of the source material, you almost certainly never knew these movies were also video games...

10. Fight Club

John Wick Hex
Genuine Games

It's all too blisteringly ironic that David Fincher's Fight Club, a movie about both the soullessness of late capitalism and the dangers of toxic masculinity, was spun off into its own generic 2004 fighting game.

Developed by ironically-monikered outfit Genuine Games for PS2 and Xbox, Fight Club is a generic, standard fare fighting game that's about as cynical and misguided as video game adaptations get.

Quite why anyone thought releasing a Fight Club game five years after the movie's release was a good idea is anyone's guess, and unsurprisingly the majority of the movie's cast - save for Meat Loaf, Holt McCallany, and a few minor supporting players - wanted nothing to do with it.

As a result the characters played by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Jared Leto don't resemble their cinematic counterparts, which is really one of the lesser gripes about a game that's just not fun or interesting in the slightest.

This is a woefully bland and lazy movie tie-in, and it was unsurprisingly both a critical and commercial dud - hence why you're probably not even aware it exists.

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