10 Multiplayer Video Games RUINED By Microtransactions

Who knew gambling with friends could be so disappointing?


What's worse than buying microtransactions? Other people buying microtransactions.

There are few things more frustrating in recent games than being beaten in a multiplayer match by someone using an unreasonably priced rocket launcher. The sheer, grating knowledge that you could have flattened them in a fair fight is enough to make most players switch off for good.

That, or introduce the controller to the nearest wall.

Whether it's special skins being locked behind a vicious paywall, introducing "time savers" and level skips, or even breaking the in-world economy with premium priced pay-to-win features, these games will stop at nothing to get their greedy, rat-like claws on your cash.

Unfortunately, that greed comes at the cost of quality.

The games on this list went from an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon to digital disasters, with enough controversy to give even the most silver-tongued PR Executive nightmares. If an entertaining experience is sought after, then look elsewhere, these games stand as a lesson in why monetising everything at the cost of gameplay isn't exactly the best idea.

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