10 Must Play PS4 Exclusives

From God of War to Uncharted PlayStation is the place to experience some of the best exclusives on.


With the PlayStation 5 appearing just over the horizon, and the PlayStation 4 life cycle quickly approaching its end, now is the best time to look back at the best exclusive games that the PS4 had to offer.

Sony is lucky to have a lot of amazing and talented studios that make a variety of amazing games. This console generations has seen amazing studios continue to put out classic games, as well as the emergence of new studios who are creating a name for themselves with amazing titles. The big story has always been PlayStation versus Xbox, and the exclusives on the PS4 have been a major contributing factor in the console's success in that war.

While the console wars rage on, there is no denying that Sony's dedication to purchasing top grade studios is paying off. Sony has given rise to several developers that could be considered the very best that gaming has to offer. With that said, here are ten games that only PS4 owners (and in some cases PC owners) are lucky enough to play.

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