10 New Game Plus Modes That Changed EVERYTHING

Some stories are very different the second time around...

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Getting to play a good new game plus mode is one of life's most rare joys. Unless you just really enjoyed a game and want to play it again (but with more challenge), there's not a whole lot of reason to play most franchises again in new game plus.

This is what's so exciting about finding a game that adds just that extra something to an extra playthrough. This can range from a cool change that effects the way you play, to something as big as the entire storyline changing the next time you play through it.

This second option is surprisingly popular, with some games changing several times in drastic ways every time you play through it.

Incredibly, these wonderful extras are also incredibly easy to miss, as games often don't clue you in that their new game plus comes with some incredibly interesting changes. Which is a shame - but it does also make it feel extra rewarding when you discover your favourite game has bonus content that only those hype enough to replay it can actually get to see.

10. No Counter Icons - Batman: Arkham City

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Having beaten what is arguably one of the best Batman games to date, you probably feel like a bit of a hero yourself. After all, you've taken down countless criminals and supervillains without even breaking a sweat - unless you've really been giving your thumbs a workout.

As such, it can be easy to blast into new game plus without really thinking about it - only to immediately regret it when you realise what this mode entails.

Because Arkham City's new game plus is, in many ways, very similar to the regular game - only, you now don't get any helpful icons telling you when a bad guy is about to attack. This means that timing counters is entirely a matter of your own abilities, and that it's incredibly easy to get the kevlar knocked out of you when you realise you've been relying on these symbols the whole time.

That said, for anyone who'd gotten too adjusted to the gameplay, it's the perfect way to get some more time out of it - so long as you're willing to sacrifice feeling like a cool unstoppable Bat-shaped wrecking ball.

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