10 Obscure Video Game Secrets That Took Years To Discover

8. A Random Man - Resident Evil 4

A rather recently discovered secret, a YouTuber by the name of Slippy Slides discovered this Easter Egg when exploring the world of Resident Evil 4 for a new video. The video was uploaded only a year ago and shows a random Japanese man hidden in the background of one of the levels.

The reason it took so long to find was because he was only visible through long-range zoom and even then, he was barely noticeable. However, if you went out of bounds you discovered that it was a random man in a green jacket and jeans imitating a zombie. Just because.

No one knows why the man is in the game, whether he holds a position within the development team, or if he is really just a random man included for the fun of it. However, it took twelve years for him to be picked out of the game, so it is most likely to take even longer to figure who he is, if we do at all.


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