10 Obvious Video Game Plot Holes NO ONE Talks About

None of this adds up.

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In the old days, video games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man didn't have anything that resembled a plot. Up until the 1990s, the storyline of most titles simply boiled down to "save the world".

But in recent years, world-building and character development in gaming has received more focus. Even though the gameplay of Undertale, Mass Effect, and Bioshock is phenomenal, it's the stories that make these games stand out.

But since the industry is highlighting the narrative more than ever, plotholes have become more apparent. If developers are making the tenth entry in a franchise, they can't be expected to know what happened in every previous title. In situations like this, it's not uncommon for the narrative to contradict elements from an earlier game.

When the developers want a sequel to go in a new direction, it might conflict or flat-out ignore details of its predecessor. More often than not, a plothole occurs in a game simply because the creative team behind it forgot the rules they established previously.

Even though the games on this list are awesome, it doesn't change the fact that the plot doesn't always make sense.

10. Snake Didn't Need To Enter The Microwave Room - Metal Gear Solid IV

uncharted 4 elena

In the climax of MSG4, Old Snake and Raiden reach the entrance to the server room, which allows them access to the GW AI.

To deter unauthorised personnel from entering, the corridor is lined with microwaves that can boil the water in a person's body. Knowing that passing through the hallway is basically a suicide mission, Snake strides through anyway to reach the server room.

But since Raiden is basically a machine at this point, it would've made far more sense for him to perform this dangerous task.

Now, you could rationalise this, since Snake was dying anyway and he wanted to go out with a bang, but Snake is so ill at this point, he can barely walk. His heart nearly gives out just before reaching the corridor.

If he had a heart attack halfway through, Raiden and the rest of his allies would've been screwed.

Raiden, on the other hand, can move at superspeed, so he can zip in and out of the server room before suffering irreparable injuries. It's obvious the writers made Snake perform this mission to depict him as the selfless hero, even though his reason for doing so didn't really add up.

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