10 Obvious Video Game Plot Holes NO ONE Talks About

9. Elena's Teleporting Skills - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune & Uncharted 4

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In the Uncharted series, Nathan Drake is regularly assisted by journalist and tv personality, Elena Fischer. Although she hopes to join Nathan in his first treasure hunt, Sully convinces Nathan to abandon Elena in Panama, giving her no indication where they're going next.

But not only does Elena figure out Nathan is heading to Amazon, she finds him despite the fact the rainforest is over two million square miles! (By comparison, that's three times bigger than Texas and 20 times the size of the UK.)

You could forgive this leap of logic if it was a one-time thing. But she does it again in Uncharted 4! While Nathan finds himself stranded in Madagascar, Elena manages to find him simply by "following gunfire".

In Elena's defence, she is such an astounding journalist, it's possible she could've figured out Nathan was heading to Madagascar. And since she knows Nathan so well by this point and has a knack for adventuring herself, she would have some idea which regions he would be looking for treasure. But since Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island, the chances of being in the same neck of the woods as Nate are practically zero.

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