10 Obvious Video Game Remasters The Industry Is Ignoring

10. The Punisher


Following the unfortunate cancellation of Netflix's The Punisher in 2019, that wider pop culture fan base has been left pining for more. A remaster for this gritty title could be perfect.

Often compared to infamous titles such as Manhunt - due to the mass call for censorship and penchant for over-the-top violence - The Punisher is potentially Marvel's most violent antihero to date.

Making his first appearance in a 1974 comic issue of Spider-Man, The Punisher - otherwise known as Frank Castle - went on to have an unsteady life in the comic world of the '90s before his successful revival in 2004, spawning his own movie and video game.

The Punisher video game was a loose movie tie-in, using elements of the film and some of his dedicated comic series. In this world, Frank Castle is on a revenge mission following the death of his family at the hands of the mafia. Frank slaughters his way through dozens of henchmen, using anything at his disposal, including a wood-chipper.

Frank Castle has not had a video game feature since, but with the 2004 title featuring cameos from Marvel greats including Black Widow, Matt Murdock, Bullseye, and even Tony Stark, and just how big the MCU has become in the last decade, now may be the perfect time for a revival.

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