10 Obvious Video Game Traps (You Walked Into Anyway)

What, are you NOT going to push the button??

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Traps in video games are designed to impede players' progress and make them think logically about how to best circumvent them, and sometimes they're clearly devised to toy with players who should definitely know better.

Not all traps are ingeniously intricate puzzles made to bamboozle even the smartest of players - sometimes they're obvious enough that even the dead-average among us should be able to tiptoe past them, and yet, so often we don't.

Sometimes the temptation to take the bait and snatch the carrot on the stick is just too overpowering to ignore, even while we know full well that nothing good will come of it.

In the very least, these traps created a serious headache for players if not straight-up causing their character's death, and yet, we just had to see how things would play out for ourselves.

Ultimately the outcome was memorable enough in each case that you probably didn't regret taking the leap, even if doing so ran totally counter to your wider survival instincts as a player.

Much as you should listen to your gut while playing any game, doing so would've made you miss out on these insane pay-offs...

10. Little Lacy Surprise Pageant - Grand Theft Auto IV

Tomb Raider Anniversary

Grand Theft Auto IV's in-game web portal Eyefind contains a number of suspect links, but none more so than Little Lacy Surprise Pageant, a website for a child beauty pageant.

At this stage alarm bells should already be ringing loudly in your head, that nothing good will come from clicking this link in a Rockstar video game of all things, but let's be honest, you definitely clicked it anyway.

Doing so reveals that the website has been shut down by the Liberty City Police Department, who have also logged your IP address and will soon be making contact with you.

That's just the start of your problems, though. You'll immediately receive a five-star wanted rating while the police radio will describe you as a "sexual deviant attempting to access explicit images." Yikes.

Sexual predators are obviously horrible and all, but siccing the entire might of the LCPD on the player - the same punishment for literally carrying out a killing spree in the game - for merely clicking a link might be a tad much. Never change, Rockstar.

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