10 One-Of-A-Kind Horror Video Games

There's no fear like childhood fear.

Among the sleep
Krillbite Studio

Horror is one of the most trope-filled and paint-by-numbers genres in gaming.

Most times, when you pick up a new spooky title, you'll get the exact experience you'd predict after looking at the cover. Many titles tend to stick to what works rather than trying to go for something unexpected.

For the most part, this is perfectly fine, as gamers can enjoy the rich atmosphere and world-building of a new game without getting too bogged down by what to expect. However, there are some titles out there that deliberately stray away from the beaten track in order to supply something entirely unique.

Some of them do this by letting you know you're playing a horror game, while approaching it differently. In contrast, others lure you into a false sense of security by pretending to be something they're not and unloading the scarier parts of the game on you all at once.

The following games are some of the most rewarding and exceptional horror experiences that you will ever play, as they alter the genre expertly and deliver something that is one of a kind.

If you want a horror experience that doesn't lazily throw jump-scares your way, check out some of the following.


There will be no major spoilers discussed.

10. Little Nightmares

Among the sleep
Bandai Namco

One commonality between a tonne of horror games is the concept of player disempowerment.

Getting into the shoes of someone who cannot fight back is an easy way to elicit some pretty terrifying moments. Many titles do this by taking away combat and weaponry, but Little Nightmares goes one step further by living up to its title and making you tiny.

The game follows a little girl in a raincoat called Six as she attempts to escape from a massive tanker known as The Maw. This gigantic structure is filled to the brim with monstrous adult creatures who eat children, so it's safe to say you'll be feeling very helpless.

Besides the lack of power given to the player, Little Nightmares also stands out thanks to its incredible art style that's creepy and uncanny, yet also oddly playful, resembling something from a Tim Burton movie.

It's one of a kind thanks to how unique the world is and how it approaches horror from a different perspective. Sure, having something jump right at you is scary, but running away from a giant monster knowing they are so close to catching you is the kind of tension-filled ride that will give you some major anxiety.

The sequel also continues this uniqueness, but it's best to start with the original.


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