10 Optional Bosses Harder Than The Final Boss

Beating the game was only half the battle!

Malenia Elden Ring
From Software

When you think about a game’s structure, it is logical to assume that the final boss is going to be the hardest, right? They are the ultimate challenge, after all, the final test of the player’s skills that stands in their way to victory.

Well, no. In reality, most final bosses pale in comparison to bosses that game developers consider to be optional and completely irrelevant to the main story. This is usually done so that the main part of the game can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their skill, while the true challenge is some random guy or dragon relaxing in the background.

Don’t be fooled by their supposed insignificance. Although these bosses are entirely optional, they’re going to be the hardest challenge you face in their respective games, guaranteed.

10. Valkyries - God Of War (2018)

Malenia Elden Ring
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Take any boss fight from the 2018 God of War, and it'll be a fun and challenging experience. Each godlike being you come across has something interesting up their sleeve, so things rarely get stale or repetitive (well, maybe except for those identical rock monsters that you have to get through between each fight).

Still, if you beat the main part of the game and feel like even the final duel with Baldur didn't quench your thirst for battle, the game's true challenge is actually still waiting ahead.

This is, of course, a reference to the eight valkyries you can find and duel after finishing the game. The first two Valkyries are pretty simple to beat, but their remaining sisters are no joke. They are absolutely ruthless, and without proper equipment and skills, the player will not be able to take them down easily.

Each Valkyrie utilizes a unique tactic to give you a personalized Hel on earth. One, for example, shrouds the battle arena in darkness to confuse you, while another showers it with literal fire from the sky.

And as if difficulty wasn't enough, they also look infinitely more terrifying than some scrawny shirtless dude with a mullet.


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