10 Optional Video Game Boss Fights You Totally Missed

The best excuses to avoid the critical path.


Bosses in video games have become a staple ever since a certain plumber rescued a princess from another castle.

In more recent years though, we've seen the various genres throw up bosses at random intervals, just to keep us on our toes.

We know an RPG is guaranteed to have some kind of "Must destroy world" confrontation at the end of it, but what about the bosses hiding in the wings? The ones that, had you just cruised through the story, you'd have missed out on.

How else would you have known you can fight a mirror universe version of yourself? Did you know that you could put yourself through a more formidable foe if you wanted some extra challenge?

Some optional bosses are neatly tucked away in side missions that you might have skimmed by, that's fair enough. Yet there are others that require some outlandish means of getting to that you wouldn't be blamed for missing.

Who's got time to sit and contemplate in a FromSoftware game, after all?

So allow these ten examples, of many more, to show you what you may have missed out on. Sometimes it pays to go off exploring... at your own peril.


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