10 Out Of NOWHERE Video Game Transformations

9. Batman: Arkham Knight - Tunnel Chase

resident evil 4

It would be fair to say that the Batmobile/Bat-tank sections in Arkham Knight were divisive. Whilst they did distract from the main Batman gameplay established three games prior (counting Origins), they were pretty samey.

Drive to an area, transform into a tank, then commence strafing about whilst taking out drones. It happens more than it needs to, but it's rinse-repeat with those bits. That is until Batman chases the Arkham Knight underground.

Thinking, "Ah, it'll just be Batman circling about whilst shooting at the Knight", players were in for a shock. The Knight isn't in a tank, he's in a massive piece of tunneling equipment.

A huge drilling vehicle, gameplay switches to a hide-and-seek with Batman being the Batmouse in this scenario. When spotted, it gets even worse.

Faced with death if it catches him, Batman has to lead not-Jason Todd down labyrinthine tunnels three separate times to damage him. The last time a Batman game had chase sequences, it involved slapping Croc down into sewers with a Batarang.

This section, in a vehicle segment so far playing out like a weak Armoured Core, took many by surprise.


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