10 Outrageously Inventive Video Game Weapons

This absurd arsenal of creative weaponry is enough to make any gamer blush.

Yacht Club Games

It’s said that anything can be used as a weapon if you’re creative enough. An alarming thought for anyone who’s ever paced around their kitchen angrily brandishing a baguette, but in the realm of video games, taking inspiration from a statement like that can lead to some wildly ingenious weapons that make you feel smarter just by using them.

The greatest games go out of their way to give the player access to weapons that are truly inventive and unique, making for memorable moments, creative gameplay, and hilarious shenanigans that will stick with you.

This is the sort of weaponry that’s so impactful that you wish it appeared in every game. You think about it every waking moment you’re not playing. You might even fantasise about it existing in real life. Not for any nefarious reasons of course, but just so you could experience the sheer creativity of these delightful designs for real.

Shame, then, that weapons of mass mischief are highly illegal despite being fun as hell. These fantastical firearms may not be realistic, but when faced with the power of creativity, your enemies are sure to tremble with fear and bamboozlement.

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