10 Outrageously Inventive Video Game Weapons

10. Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier – Overwatch


Blizzard’s enduringly popular hero shooter Overwatch is beloved for its creative cast of characters, but some of its most unique heroes are often overlooked.

Take Lúcio for example, a freedom-fighting DJ whose Sonic Amplifier is one of the most fun and creative weapons in the game. This high-tech, lo-fi weapon puts the “harm” in “harmony”, capable of dealing direct damage to enemies or punting them backwards with a blast of sound.

But this weapon’s true ingenuity comes in its team-buffing support auras, which allow Lúcio to heal or speed boost nearby allies via the power of sick beats. These support auras can turn the tide of battle, and the fact that each is accompanied by a unique hip-hop track allows Lúcio players to ascend to a state of maximum chill.

Combined with its unique visual design, these diverse abilities make the Sonic Amplifier a groovy gun that’s bound to get stuck in your head.

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