10 Overhyped Game Mechanics That Were A Complete Disappointment

9. Hacking - Watch Dogs

Until dawn game

As far as Ubisoft’s franchises go, Watch Dogs is one of the most controversial ones. The series has a very vocal group of haters online, and most people would agree that its first installment is not nearly as impressive as the trailers made it out to be.

The core element of Watch Dogs’ gameplay is hacking. You play as a rogue hacker who’s capable of jacking into things like people’s phones and even Chicago’s entire traffic control system.

The 2013 trailers for the game made the hacking look as though it would make your character a digital god, capable of turning off electronic devices in the entire city with one click of the button and sowing wireless chaos wherever he went.

However, when the excited players finally got their hands on Watch Dogs, the reality definitely didn't match the expectations.

Not only were the hacking mechanics not nearly as cinematic and advanced as their trailer counterparts, but the game was also filled with bugs, which made even the most impressive of your abilities, like stopping and controlling cars, look like an absolute joke.

Maybe the developers should’ve learned how to fix software problems before trying to emulate hackers who create them.


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