10 Overhyped Game Mechanics That Were A Complete Disappointment

8. Create Your Own Sonic Character - Sonic Forces

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In terms of SEGA’s worst, Sonic Forces is definitely up there. After years of releasing mediocre Sonic games, it's hard to get too excited about the next without adding a caveat of "unless they screw it up". Forces manages to do very little to make a case against the argument that 3D Sonic had gotten stale to the point of soullessness.

The greatest testament to this is the most overhyped feature of the game: the character creator.

The 2017 announcements for Forces were proudly boasting about the title allowing the player to create their very own Sonic character, basically fulfilling the dreams of every Sonic fan out there.

However, the character creator in the game is done in such a lazy and lackluster way that even the most hardcore SEGA fan can’t get anything out of it. The game limits you to only one body type, a small handful of animal species to pick from, and then a pitiful selection of clothes that looks like a poor college freshman’s wardrobe.

Even when you try to recreate already existing characters with this creator, like Sonic or Shadow, your creations end up looking like cheap knockoffs.

It's actually a pretty good summary of how this character creator feels when compared to other modern creators.


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