10 Overpowered Video Game Weapons That Gave Players Nightmares

9. The Blue Shell - Mario Kart Series


Almost everyone who's even heard a whisper of what Mario Kart is about will know how unfair and cruel the blue shell power-up is.

A racer can collect this at nearly any time, and when used the shell flies to the player in first position and strikes them down. This allows anyone just behind them to race ahead into the lead, and the former leader of the pack can now be down to as bad as fifth place once the dust settles.

Not only does it make in an instant bee-line for you, but it explodes with an annoying recovery time before you can get back into the race. When it throws you into the air, it also brings with it the risk of tossing you from a track setting you back even further.

Anyone who is winning a race is in constant threat of being hit by one of these things, and there is next to no defense outside of being hit by another attack at the precise moment it strikes.

The blue shell has become the most feared weapon in kart racing. You can have the perfect run, never losing first place and all your hard work can be undone in the blink of an eye on the final corner.

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