10 Overpowered Video Game Weapons You Can Only Use ONCE

8. BFG-10000 - Doom Eternal

Resident evil 3 finger gun

The BFG-9000 has been a huge part of the Doom series ever since the first game, appearing in many other titles after it. It’s a huge weapon with even greater firepower, which makes it completely worthy of the name hiding behind its acronym.

But what if, for some reason, the BFG-9000’s destructive force isn’t enough for you? What if you wanted to make something even bigger?

Well, don’t worry, Doom Eternal has you covered with BFG-9000’s big cousin, the BFG-10000.

The 10000 variant of the BFG weapon is a building-sized cannon that’s mounted on top of the Phobos moon base. Doomguy gets to fire it only once in the game, but when he does, he makes sure to make it count.

Upon activation, the cannon releases a huge laser beam that blows a hole through the surface of Mars, killing thousands of demons and creating a gateway to the ancient city of Hebeth.

The destruction makes for a lovely spectacle, and as a bonus, once the cannon turns off, you get a free BFG-9000 that served as a BFG-10000 engine.

You know a weapon is good when it's powered by a smaller version of itself.


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