10 Overpowered Weapons That BROKE Video Games

Bringing a hidden gun to a knife fight.

assassins creed brotherhood hidden gun

Weapons have gone hand-in-hand with the world of video games pretty much since the industry's inception.

Combat has been one of the cornerstones to some of the greatest titles from every generation of console, with developers conjuring up more creative ways of taking down baddies with each passing decade.

Video games are all about escapism and wish fulfilment, so it's understandable why developers have often made it a point of throwing in some features that are too powerful for their own good.

After all, is there anything more fun than rampaging through a game feeling like a badass God amongst men?

However, balancing the availability of these weapons so they don't completely dominate the meta or dismantle any hopes of a challenge is a fine art, and one in which plenty of titles have gotten wrong in the past. With that in mind, check out 10 more overpowered weapons that totally BROKE video games.

10. A280 - Star Wars: Battlefront II

assassins creed brotherhood hidden gun

The most well-rounded and versatile go-to in the rebooted Battlefront series, the A280 is a blaster rifle that acts as the primary weapon for most Rebel Alliance players. And it is that balance that helps it absolutely dominate whatever battleground players spawn in, be it on or offline.

Unlocked after bagging 50 kills with the Assault, the A280's balanced approach sees it fire in three-blast bursts (110 BPM (600 RPM)), making it one of the most accurate weapons in the game. Its base damage of 33-19 is decent enough and, whilst it is certainly competent enough in the short and long, its medium-range potency makes it such a powerful weapon in the heat of battle.

What's more, with a couple of additions, the A280's base potential can be maximised even further. Improved Range, Improved Cooling and Dual Zoom upgrades can all be attached to the weapon, helping players fire their weapon further and longer and cover even more of their bases.

The perfect all-rounder, players can always rely on the A280 no matter the scenario they find themselves in.


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