10 Overpowered Weapons That BROKE Video Games

9. Golden Gun - GoldenEye

assassins creed brotherhood hidden gun

Wielded by Christopher Lee's Francisco Scaramanga in 1974's The Man with the Golden Gun, the Golden Gun is a pistol made entirely out of solid gold.

A film that this author has a particular soft spot for, Scaramanga and the Golden Gun have become two of the most iconic features of the James Bond franchise, a legacy that helped the weapon make its way into the acclaimed GoldenEye game on the N64.

Originally only available in the side mission 'Egyptian' after solving a hidden puzzle, the gun stands out for its distinctive appearance and as the strongest weapon in the game.

However, through a couple of handy cheats, this completely broken weapon can be spawned in whenever players require it.

With its 100 damage and 0 inaccuracy, the gun instantly kills any enemy it connects with, allowing players to slice through any potentially troublesome obstacles in a game known for having its fair share of them. There are only a handful of instances where the Golden Gun's auto-kill function doesn't apply, making it one of the most game-breaking weapons to have emerged from the entire '90s era.


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