10 Overused RPG Mechanics That Must Die Next Generation

Preston Garvey, moustache twirling villains, fetch quests and boring combat, get it gone!


In a gaming world where Fallout and The Elder Scrolls are quickly becoming less and less sought after, and with Cyberpunk on our tongues for the past decade, it’s time we take another look at RPGs as a whole.

We’re very close to a new generation thanks to the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and with that will come a plethora of RPGs, small and large alike that are all vying for your attention. Before they compete, though, they’re going to need to take note about the dos and don’ts of the past. What we’ve loved and more specifically, what we’ve hated over the past generations.

Radiant quests, bullet sponges, random mechanics and Preston Garvey are just a few of the things we think could be changed about the RPG genre. Mechanics and features which need a bit more motivation, to be given a new wave of inspiration that will actually mean something to the player. Instead, some developers choose to rest on tradition, using parts of RPGs that have become commonplace for reasons we can’t explain.

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