10 Overused RPG Mechanics That Must Die Next Generation

10. Uninspired Fetch Quests


Uninspired is the operative word for this entry. The Witcher 3, for example, had a lot of, “Go here. Do this. Grab that. Kill. Come back.” And that’s okay. If that’s the gameplay loop the developers want the player to be comfortable with, it’s understandable as there’s only so much you can offer. What makes The Witcher so special, though, is that there’s a huge difference between being told to go and grab or kill something and motivating said request. If you’re motivated to track down a wolf in the woods because it used to be someone’s loving husband who ran away, then there’s at least the tiniest bit of intrigue there. Extra points if the writing is well done.

What doesn’t work, though, is simply making the protagonist go and get s**t for the sake of it just to pad the length so you can now brag about more side-quests being in your game. Ultimately, we want something interesting. I don’t care if Geralt is off finding a sandwich in Kaer Morhen, if it’s a magical sandwich that could transform the evil beggar into a mouse, then it becomes more enticing. Maybe a poor example but the point is there. Motivate the player, show them why the protagonist and more specifically, the player, would want to do this quest.

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