10 Painfully Slow Openings That Nearly Ruined Great Video Games

9. The Last Of Us

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Opening
Naughty Dog

The Last of Us is an achievement for Naughty Dog, packing in more emotion than any zombie horror title - game or movie - before it. While the opening section does, of course, have that sudden tear-jerker, everything either side of that moment is regrettably quite slow.

The exact opening starts the player out as Sarah, protagonist Joel's 12 year old daughter. The purpose of the opening is to show a snippet of normality, the last moments before the cordyceps brain infection outbreak, and while it does succeed in that, there is a lot of ambling about, interacting with door handles and mirrors. Not exactly the most exciting, nor tense ways of starting up your zombie game.

After being carried around by Joel and Uncle Tommy, the game then leaps ahead some 20 years. Alright, prologue done, time to play! But nope. As Joel, the player then sluggishly wanders around a dishevelled town, through slums, hideouts and checkpoints. It ends up being well over an hour into the game that the story breaks free from the intro and actually begins, with Ellie turning up and the pair embarking on the intense and emotional road trip across the ravaged U.S.


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