10 Perfect Video Games With One Glaring Flaw

Even flawless diamonds have imperfections.

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Talent, money, belief and ambition: even if all of these essential ingredients are present in abundance, chasing perfection is a fool's errand, especially when it involves the most volatile entertainment industry on the planet.

Yet, despite the long list of unforeseen anomalies, some visionaries will weather the inevitable storm to see their vision through to completion, even if it means making sacrifices along the way.

True perfection will never be possible, but if, in pursuit of that holy grail, developers continue to present gems like these, then we welcome the inevitable flaws, warts and all...


10. God Of War - Lack Of Unique Boss Encounters


When your past feats include crossing the names of an entire deific pantheon off your hit list, any future achievements are bound to pale by comparison. To be clear, the boss encounters present in this year's God of War reboot are fantastic - especially the tag-team brawl against Modi and Magni - the issue lies in Kratos' Nordic adventure failing to provide enough of them.

The Ghost of Sparta's encounters with Baldur, his aforementioned nephews, the dark elf Svartáljǫfurr and Valkyrie Queen Sigrun are all terrific feats of spectacle on Sony Santa Monica's part, but those highs are interrupted too often by repeated encounters with trolls and ogres, only with slight variations to stave off the feeling of repetition.

The reason for this is obvious, of course: Santa Monica has intentionally withheld the likes of Thor, Odin, Frigg and Sif for the inevitable sequels to come, but Nordic mythology isn't short on deities to put on the chopping block.

But a couple of additional, wholly unique encounters would have balanced the scales perfectly.

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