10 Perfect Video Games (You've Never Heard Of)

9. Crush

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God, the PSP was awesome, wasn't it? Though the PS Vita obviously wins the hardware battle, the game library on Sony's original handheld has so much more depth and variety, with countless oddball delights buried within its ranks.

(That isn't a knock against the Vita, of course - it simply didn't receive the level of first and third-party support the PSP did. And we're still quite bitter about that, by the way).

One such oddball delight is 2007's Crush, which was also ported to the 3DS in 2012. Crush is the very definition of a mind-bending puzzler, with the player able to press a button to switch the scene between 2D and 3D, either vertically, or horizontally. So, in one moment, you'll be playing a level from a top-down perspective, but in the next, you might "crush" it into a side-scrolling platformer in an effort to reach your goal.

That goal is to help protagonist Danny overcome the mental breakdown he's been institutionalized for, solving each tricky puzzle and collecting his lost marbles along the way. It's surprisingly dark stuff, but this marriage of story and gameplay is note-perfect, something that very few puzzlers successfully accomplish.

It's that unique, dimension-swapping mechanic that truly makes Crush stand out though. Go nab it on the PSP section of the Vita store in case Sony decides to shut it down! Again.

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