10 Platinum Gaming Trophies That Were Literal Torture

Those elusive platinum trophies are enticing, but these games dragged you through hell to snag them.

Square Enix

For all completionists, platinum trophies are the coup de grace of PlayStation achievement-hunting. Auto-unlocking once you've acquired every other cup on the list, these mark 100% completion while slowly inching your player level upwards.

These ultimate accomplishments always vary in difficulty level, with some games offering an easy win through a weekend rental and others a more moderate level of challenge for the seasoned gamer.

Whether it's testing your skills or exploring every aspect of a game from top to bottom, Platinum trophies add replay value to all titles, and when they're done well, encourage you to see every last piece of content the developers have created.

On the flip-side of enjoyable Platinums, though... are these games. Platinum trophies that were either unbelievably difficult, or forced the player to slog through far too many hours of gameplay to collect them. To make this list a platinum trophy had to really test your patience, and typically they show up in vast open-world games or titles with numerous unlockables.

From random achievements left to chance, to those that would take hours of practice, only the most dedicated and skilled players have a chance of obtaining this lot.


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