10 Pointless Super Mario Power Up Clones

How many freaking flying Power Ups does the Super Mario franchise need?

Mario Cape Leaf

Some of the most defining Super Mario moments was when the player collected a power up for the first time. How free did you feel when you first explored the skies after obtaining the Wing Cap? Do you remember how unstoppable you felt the first time you picked up a Starman?

Power ups like the Mushroom and the Fire Flower aren't just well-known; they're archetypal. They're exemplary. They became so iconic, it wasn't long before every game seemed to have Power Ups.

When Nintendo realised Mario was their cash-cow, they had to churn out sequel after sequel; each one filled to the brim with brand-new items to help out the moustachioed mascot.

But after going through over eighty Power Ups and three hundred and seventy three cajillion Mario games (give or take), Nintendo struggled to diversify some collectibles. The developers sometimes just tweak an old item, pass it off as a new one, and hope gamers don't notice.

Some of these items are so similar to previous ones, you wonder why Nintendo bothered to change the name or appearance.

In some occurrences, there is literally no difference between two items whatsoever. Here are some Super Mario power ups that are basically clones of previous items.

10. P-Acorn + P-Wing

Mario Cape Leaf

Ah, the P-Wing; the most overpowered item in Super Mario Bros. 3 (and possibly the entire series). In this classic game, you can transform into Raccoon Mario if you obtain a Super Leaf.

As Raccoon Mario, you can defeat enemies and hit blocks by swishing your tail. If you rapidly tap the jump button, you can glide through the sky.

The best thing about the Super Leaf is it enables you to fly if you build up enough momentum and jump in the air. You can only stay airborne for a few seconds before you automatically descend.

But with the P-Wing, you don't have to build up momentum; you can fly whenever you want. If a level is too difficult, you can literally glide across every obstacle and enemy without getting hit once.

For Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo decided to add a similar item called the P-Acorn. And when I say a "similar item", I mean "virtually the same item as the P-Wing". Although the P-Acorn changes you into Squirrel Mario instead of Raccoon Mario, it's basically a carbon copy of the P-Wing.

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