10 POINTLESS Video Game Mechanics Gamers Always Use

Look, I just need to make this soup, okay?!


As games have evolved from the basic run/jump/shoot fare of the eighties and nineties into the complex, nuanced art forms we know today, what we can actually do in them has grown at an exponential rate.

So why do we waste so much of our time on pointless actions?

From crafting to cooking, horse riding to house decorating, we have seemingly unlimited ways to experience our favourite games, and can tailor our experiences accordingly across hundreds of hours.

Our modern day controllers, too, offer a level of control and input which would have been dismissed as witchcraft back in the good old retro days.

With this multitude of input/output combinations coupled with the complexity and immersion of modern games, developers are constantly creating new and exciting mechanics to bake into our games.

Whilst some of the features and mechanics which are prevalent in modern gaming are literal game changers we couldn't be without today, there are plenty of others that developers have thrown in for no good reason.

Still, what are you not going to explore every facet of a given game??


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