10 Pointless Video Game Reboots NOBODY Asked For

So Modern Warfare released in 2007 AND 2019?!

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For as long as there have been ideas, there have been reboots. Hollywood can't get enough of them, and neither can game designers. It's easy to see why: They get to reuse a concept that's already been set up and ready to go. Then they get to make sequels that put their own spin on the concept.

There have been quite a few successful video game reboots, such as Killer Instinct (2013), Mortal Kombat (2011) and Doom (2016). Unfortunately, for every good reboot, there's a poorly-handled, completely pointless one that nearly kills its franchise.

If a reboot fails to hit the mark, it makes companies believe that there's no market for the game. That's why it's so difficult to recover from a lacklustre one.

In the end, there are many reboots no one asked for, ultimately being forgotten about as the main canon inevitably resumes going forward.

10. Star Fox Zero

devil may cry 2013

Overview: Star Fox is a space aircraft shooter game franchise. You command a fleet of space animals that are tasked with defending the Lylat system from various bad guys including the evil Andross (a giant floating monkey head, don't ask).

Star Fox Zero was the first unique Star Fox game in ten years at the time of its release. It was also the first (and last if you don't count Star Fox Guard) Star Fox game on the Wii U. The idea for the game was born from playing around with assets from an unused Star Fox for the Wii.

Star Fox Zero is a unique game in that while you control your ship with the left stick, you can only aim by looking down at the Wii U Gamepad and using that to aim and fire your reticle. It's impossible to control the Arwing the same way that every other Star Fox game controlled like.

Why It Was Pointless: The game's most unique feature: its control scheme, ended up being its biggest downfall (but far from its only flaw). Even though it wasn't inherently a bad idea, it failed to function as well as it should have. Most players reported it barely working at all.

Star Fox Zero also suffered from being what was essentially a remake of Star Fox 64. Not only was Star Fox 64 already a reboot of the series, but it also had a 3D remake that released just five years prior to Star Fox Zero. This meant that despite Star Fox 64 being a great game, fans were burnt out on it by the time Star Fox Zero rolled around.


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