10 Popular Video Game Debates That Need To Die

9. The Console Wars

horizon forbidden west

Bit of a retro one here, but since there are still corners of the internet prolapsing over a woman playing Doctor Who, it makes sense there are still sentient beings slugging it out via keyboard on which pile of chips and processors farted out by multi-billion dollar corporations (or not, in the case of the PS5) is superior to the other.

Of course, you're going to get the same basic arguments about speed, power and platform-exclusive titles, but of all the entries on this list, this might actually be the one closest to going away.

Hardcore gamers are always going to get all the consoles on the market. Beyond that, we're now we're at a point where your average laptop can struggle through AAA titles from a few years ago, so Steam fills in gaps that a more casual fan might have problems with not too long ago.

Yes, trying to get gamers away from each other's throats for any reason is a recipe for disappointment, but this debate is (slowly) fading. Only to be replaced by a billion others, but baby steps!


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