10 Powerful Video Game Bosses That Became Weak Playable Characters

8. Edea - Final Fantasy 8

Shadow Mewtwo
Square Enix

Final Fantasy 8 is characterised by its unique twists on the franchise formula. Its plot, too, takes many unconventional twists and turns. Earlier in the game, it appears that Sorceress Edea is shaping up to be the main antagonist, as she assassinates President Vinzer Deling and begins to exert her influence on the world. Later, it transpires that Edea is the kindly ‘Matron,’ who cared for the party members as children in her orphanage. The true villain of the piece is Ultimecia, an even more formidable sorceress from the future who seeks to end time itself.

After these revelations, Edea joins the party for a brief period, as they escort her to the futuristic city of Esthar (there, the eccentric Dr Odine believes he can free her from Ultimecia’s influence). As the dramatic conclusion to the first battle against her demonstrated, Edea was a formidable foe indeed as a boss, but the playable Edea doesn’t really have anything to distinguish herself from the rest of the party at all.

Though her Guardian Force compatibility is good and her Limit Break, Ice Strike, powerful, she’s available only temporarily and can’t equip any weapons. It’s scarcely worth switching another player’s junctioned magic to her.


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