10 Powerful Video Game Endings That Gave You Chills

The gaming moments that get you emotional just thinking about them.

Spider-Man PS4

Sticking the landing of any creative project is hard. At the time of writing, the final season of Game of Thrones is the most divisive thing in the entire world, as half of the fanbase embraces the rush towards the climax while the other half is outraged at every new plot development. Because everyone interprets and reacts differently to media, it's impossible to please everyone with an ending, and that's no less true in video games.

When a game does manage to create something special with a finale though, whether it's through a specific narrative resolution, a callback to something significant in a series or a unique way to deliver a message through mechanics, it's to be cherished.

Even better, an ending doesn't have to be perfect for these moments to still be remembered fondly. Even if the developers fumble the finale a little bit, being able to conjure up a moment that works so well it gives players chills will ensure the game in general is always talked about.

These endings might work because they're sad, triumphant or just downright cool, but they all delivered an emotional impact in a way only video games are able to achieve.

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Spider-Man PS4
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