10 Problems With Destiny 2 Nobody Wants To Admit

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Destiny 2

Although it's only been on sale for little under a few weeks, already certain contingents of Destiny 2's fandom are a little fed up with the content on offer.

This is without saying that literally on release day there were players who'd hit the level 20 cap and were awash in rare Exotic items, but there are larger issues with Activision's 'content platform' that continue to dog it, much in the same way as they did the original. Because make no mistake, Destiny 2 sees the developer releasing another shooter that can feel like one of the most satisfying FPSs in decades, yet it's one that tends to shoot first and hope you don't ask questions later.

Adding a story, rolling together the various gameplay loops of acquiring loot and actually giving you a reason to fight are all welcome inclusions, but there's a prevailing feeling of being taken for a ride across Destiny 2's runtime that when the buzz of loot-chasing wears thin, hits hard.

Almost like coming down from a high or waking up after an all-night bender, there's a sobering realisation of "Hang on... what did I do for all those hours?!", and once you get the answers, well, they aren't good...

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