10 Problems With Destiny 2 Nobody Wants To Admit

10. The Endgame Feels Broken

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Right now I'm Power level 265, which I imagine the majority of you reading will be too. Power is the stat accrued by all your weapons and armour components averaged out, though once you hit 265, everything outside of whatever the weekly reset brings is worthless.

Vendors only stock base 200 weapons (completely pointless), the 'Reputation Bundles' or faction coins you accrue can be traded for - wait for it - more 265 gear (what's the point?), and the only other thing to do is grind Public Heroic Events and hope you get something more powerful.

Literally, that's all there is to do once you've clocked the story and finished off your remaining Milestone goals. The recent weekly reset freed up a number of Milestones revolving around Clan XP, Crucible Matches and Challenges, but they could all be ticked off in unison if you focused on Crucible matches alone.

Within just over two hours, this 'weekly pull' of 'fresh content' was complete, and it was back to re-running the same missions with the same goals, hoping some random drop will up your Power by one or two units.

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