10 Promising 2019 Video Game Rumours You Need To Know

9. ... And WB Games Montreal Are In For The Ride

Warner Bros./Marco Nelor

We might not definitively know what Rockstar are doing, but we DO know what their partners WB Games Montreal are working on. Or at least, we can assume as much from a recent leak that depicts 'Project Diana' - aka a Wonder Woman spinoff - will be coming to consoles as early as October next year.

Whilst the actual reveal is best left to perhaps come at the Game Awards, if this rumour turns out to be true it means we'll be seeing some back to back DC gaming content like there hasn't been before. Since DC's cinematic offerings haven't been remotely comparable to their multi-billion dollar competition, Marvel, maybe this is a sign that DC are trying to take over the games market with some solid branching out from the Arkham series in the coming months. Especially in the wake of Spider-Man's success, surely.

There's also a 'Project Saturn' that's been mentioned, which seems a little more cyptic. If we're sticking with DC, there's potential it could be a reference to Saturn Girl - which will be another in the home run of DC games ready to hit the shelves next year.

In any case, if the leak is anything to go by, we will be learning all the secrets of Warner Brothers in 2019 very soon. Fingers crossed.


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