10 PS2 Hidden Gems You Must Play

There's life in that old dog yet.

Jade The brand name 'Playstation' instantly conjures up fuzzy feelings in the pits of stomachs world wide - millions of gamers still cite the original PSOne console as a favourite, one they can always go back to if they're finding the current generation of machines just aren't cutting it. Similarly, the follow-up to that ground-breaking bastion of videogame culture, the PS2 is revered as one of the most robust and best gaming consoles to have ever hit the market. Thousands of titles were released during the glory days of the unit, 2001-2006, and many have went on to be staples of many lists dedicated to the best games in the history of the medium. Whether it be Metal Gear Solid 2, GTA: San Andreas, Gran Turismo 3, God Of War or even Ratchet & Clank, the list goes on and on as pertains to the countless classic which saw the light of day during the PS2 era. The sign of a truly great games console, however, is that even years after relevancy, players can still be finding games from the vast library which they initially overlooked. Some flew under the radar critically and commercially upon initial release, but are nonetheless ultra-playable titles which really deserve attention. This list aims to explore some of these hidden gems, giving them the spotlight to shine, when before they couldn't muscle in on many of the top franchises of the day.
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