10 PS4 Games Everyone Only Plays For The Trophies

10. Life Is Strange


Life Is Strange is fairly similar to Telltale's episodic narrative experiences. The difference in trophies is that Life Is Strange requires more than just completion, but it's still extremely easy. There are trophies for completing each episode, with the rest being awarded for taking all 10 of the optional photos throughout each of the episodes.

While the optional photos do require a fair bit of attention, they are easy to find even without the aid of an online guide. The 10 photos per episode are barely an inconvenience and don't take away from the excellent story that unfolds throughout the game.

The same could be said for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, which is similar, except it has 10 optional graffiti spots instead of pictures. The prequel only has three episodes, adding up to a much shorter playtime of 6-8 hours, rather than the first game's 10-12 hours.

While Life Is Strange is fantastic, it's no secret that many players are drawn to it by the easy trophy list.


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