10 PS4 Games Everyone Only Plays For The Trophies

9. The Order: 1886

Ready At Dawn

The 2015 action game The Order: 1886 was a bit of a disappointment. Sporting fantastic graphics and some great marketing, the game ended up being little more than a generic 5 hour shooter with little replay value. Despite this, players have found a use for the game by hunting its 22 trophies to obtain the luxurious platinum trophy.

None of the trophies are difficulty related, so the game can be played on the easiest mode for a quick play through. A good majority of the trophies are so straightforward that they'll unlock during a normal five hour play though. The only trophies that change this are collectable-related trophies which can increase the play-time by up to two hours. This still makes getting the platinum trophy for this game incredibly easy and quick, with little skill required and not much more than seven hours of playing.

This of course doesn't excuse the game from its many issues, but it does give it a use, and gives us players a nice easy platinum to add to the collection.


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