10 PS4 & Xbox One Games That Launched Completely Broken

9. Driveclub

driveclub server error

Struggling to pick up the pieces, PS4€™s reputation remained bruised and beaten, following the smouldering wreckage left by its latest flagship racing title, Driveclub.

Although it wasn't so quick off the mark, Driveclub oddly became the best selling game within the month of its release, even outpacing the newly released Shadow of Mordor and FIFA 15 . It€™s striking visuals couldn't hide its under the hood problems, however, as players experienced severe difficulties competing online, even weeks after release. Launching without advertised features such as dynamic weather and a photo mode, the game included a number of laughably obvious bugs, such as displaying the player€™s drift score in place of their speed.

Adding insult to injury, the game's PS Plus edition was held back by almost an entire year and fell at a time when the masses had long forgotten about its mediocre gameplay.

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