10 PS5 Exclusives That Would DESTROY Xbox Series X

Move over MS - these potential PS5 exclusive games could be incredible.


If everything still goes to plan, the PS5 is looking to be released this holiday season.

While we haven't even seen the console yet, it's an exciting time. Sony is sitting on an absolute goldmine of established IPs they can potentially use as launch window titles for their new console, meaning we could see one of the most exciting launch lineups in the history of the platform.

While Microsoft is touting all of the fantastic specs of the Series X (they really are quite impressive), unless they reveal a number of new games in the near future, their potential launch lineup isn't looking anywhere near as strong as what Sony's could be.

Unless Microsoft pulls something out of the bag, they could end up on the back seat to the PS5. The Xbox is a great platform, but over the last generation it's been sorely lacking in exclusives that really sell the platform.


Here's hoping they step their game up, otherwise Sony could potentially wipe the floor with MS if they release some of the following exclusive titles in PS5's launch window.

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