10 Questionable Moments In Nintendo Games You Totally Ignored

Sometimes Nintendo's games aren't as sugary and smiley as one might believe.

When it comes to all-ages entertainment in video games, one name stands head and shoulders above all the rest: Nintendo. In a manner of speaking, they are basically the Disney of video games (Disney having their own games notwithstanding), with Mario as their Mickey Mouse. And much like Disney, Nintendo has attempted over the years to show that despite their penchant for creating experiences to be enjoyed by people young and old alike, they've even attempted to show that they're not afraid to put something a little more mature out there... with a little help, at least. Whereas Disney has had studios such as Miramax and Hollywood Pictures to wave the flag to attract an older audience, Nintendo has utilized companies such as Platinum Games (Bayonetta), Koei Tecmo (Fatal Frame), Konami (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes), and Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness) to expand their reach. Even with these kinds of efforts, however, the companies have sought to keep their core brands as clean as possible... which makes it all the more surprising when things get dark or adult in unexpected ways and places. For instance, have you ever noticed just how much death there is in Disney's line of animated films? And not just "go quietly in their sleep" deaths, but some pretty hardcore ways to go out. Take The Hunchback of Notre Dame's climax as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3pMlKXAZWM Just as Disney can surprise us, so too can Nintendo, such as the time when... well, just read on.
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