10 Questionable Moments In Nintendo Games You Totally Ignored

10. Mario Finding Peach's "???"

Peachtoadstoolmystery Alright, in retrospect, following Frollo falling into a hellish fiery pit with this may not have been the best move. Things will pick up right after this, we promise. That said: Nintendo is by and large a family-friendly company, and Mario is effectively the embodiment of those values. As said before, he's basically their Mickey Mouse, but even Mickey has been known to get up to some mischief in his prime. For Mario, the event takes place in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. While visiting the bedroom of Princess Peach Toadstool, players (as Mario) are able to search the place for hidden items and come across the mysterious "Toadstool's ???" ("Peach's XXX" in Japan). Before anyone can find out what it is, though, depending on the point in the game the player performs this action, Mario gets a sound chewing out by either Peach's grandmother, or by Peach herself. The exact identity of the item in question remains unknown, but while some suspect that it might be something as simple as a diary, others tend to believe that the suggestion is that it is something much more... intimate. It's left pretty open, but if it were something like a diary, it seems like they would just say so. Instead, the fact that it's unmentionable seems to more strongly imply that they're... well, Peach's unmentionables. This could have been changed in localization for western audiences, but the fact that they didn't? Pretty cheeky, Nintendo. Pretty cheeky indeed.
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