10 Quick-Time Events That Made Video Games BETTER

10. Don’t Move - Shenmue II

Shenmue 2 Barber QTE

There’s no better place to kick off this list than with the game that coined the term in the first place, though then they were touted as Quick Timer Events.

Cult classic Shenmue introduced QTEs to the world of video games as a way of injecting interactivity into cutscenes, particularly action-oriented cinematics that always feel a little strange for a player to be left out of. You know, the ones where you’re watching your protagonist do something really cool and catch yourself thinking “Gee, this would be fun if I was actually playing it.” That said, Shenmue doesn’t stop there and QTEs are used for pretty much everything.

That’s what makes it all the more interesting when the game all of a sudden asks you not to move at all. While flashing a button at you insisting you move. Because why not.

You rock up to the shop of a martial arts master under the guise of a barber. You’ll have to rewire your expectations and settle that itchy A-button finger and not activate this QTE in order to pass his test and get him to train you. If you do hit the button, you’ll push his hand away and he kicks you out of the shop for not trusting him. Very cool.

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