10 Rage Quit Moments That Made Us Leave Video Games Forever

All that talk about Souls being "tough but fair"? Yeah, right...

Bloodborne You Died
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Video games are built around challenge. You rarely ever start out in a title at the peak of your powers, as it's overcoming the seemingly insurmountable odds through fair challenge and the evolution of growing into a powerful hero that makes the actual gaming experience so damn satisfying.

It's why "tough-but-fair" titles like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy become badges of honour for those skilled enough to beat them with grace and flair, and why there was so much discussion around whether or not releases that take a straight story approach like walking simulators can even be considered "games" at all. Of course, they are, but the argument wasn't based on nothing.

With that said, while the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge is gaming gold, sometimes a game throws you a problem that's anything but fair. It might be a sharp difficulty spike or a section that introduces a whole different set of mechanics, but they all have the same goal: to make your life a misery. And, once you hit this wall, rage quitting right outta there and never touching the game again (at least for a while) is sometimes the only natural decision.

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