10 Rare Video Game Items You Had ONE CHANCE To Obtain

Miss your chance and they're gone forever.

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It makes sense that video games would want their most powerful items to be extremely rare. However, every now and then, an item’s rarity is so ridiculous that you only get one chance to acquire it.

After that, it’s gone forever.

The reasons for this are different for each game. Sometimes the item is simply stuck in a location you can only visit once. Sometimes the developers make the deliberate choice to give you a limited amount of time to find it. But regardless of how and why, one thing remains true: missing out on these items is not a mistake you want to make.

For the sake of those with the tendency to oversee things, let’s try to examine some of these extremely rare items and explain how you need to grab them before it’s too late. It never hurts to be prepared.

10. Master Ball - Pokémon Emerald

skyrim nahkriin

There is probably no other item in the Pokemon franchise more coveted than the Master Ball. It's the only pokeball guaranteed to capture any Pokemon on the first try, making it the perfect item to use against legendary Pokemon, or maybe that one Magikarp you feel irrationally attached to. No judgment here.

The general rule of Pokemon is that you only get one Master Ball per game. And although nowadays the series likes to ensure that the player gets their Master Ball throughout the main storyline somehow, back in the day things weren't so convenient.

You see, Pokemon Emerald doesn't hand you your Master Ball in a cutscene or by putting it in your inventory. Instead, you'll have to literally search for it while inside Team Aqua's hideout, and if you don't use this chance while you can, you won't be able to get it again.

The moment you defeat Team Aqua, the criminals lock up their base, and you can't return. You don't get your Master Ball - found in a specific spot, after triggering a set of teleporters - catching 'em all will mean throwing endless amounts of other balls at the legendaries instead.


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