10 Rarest PS4 Trophies

Fishing, cheese, and unspeakable horrors await.

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One of the coolest features consoles have ever included is the ability to see what percentage of other players have gotten a game's trophies.

Not only does it let you know what trophies you might struggle to get, but it also tells you what achievements you have that you can consider bragging rights for getting - especially if your friend happens to have the same game, but not the same trophy.

In fact, some trophies are insanely rare, with the rarest having been obtained by 0.1% of the player base, which is insane when the game involved is one as well played as Fortnite. Many people consider getting one of these trophies a badge of honour - and often for good reason, as many require superhuman feats to get.

However, it's also worth saying that many of these games may not continue to be 0.1% rarity for long, as - for example - totally completing Super Meat Boy has become so popular with streamers and people who like to suffer that the trophy for this has gone up to a whopping 0.2%.

But while these trophies may not remain in the most rare percentage, there's no doubt that they'll still remain obscure forever - because they're either fiendishly difficult, in a game no longer played, or so downright weird that you'd have never thought to get it.


Note: ALL trophy rarities are 0.1% at time of writing.

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