10 Rarest PS4 Trophies

10. Metahuman - Injustice


Now, there are some fair reasons that the rate of players achieving trophies on the PS4 is so low - namely, that most interested potential players likely played it on the PS3, and so moved onto Injustice 2 with the release of the PS4.

But it's still slightly surreal that Metahuman trophy is so rare, given that - in theory - you'd think people would get it simply out of curiosity, since Injustice is now available on PS Now for your gaming pleasure.

Metahuman is obtained by doing every special move with every character. Understandably, this sounds like a lot, but given you can do all of it in practice mode, it doesn't take goliath efforts.

Or, rather, it seems that way initially. Then a sudden, awful fact is revealed; there are variants within the same special move.

Basically, some moves have three different versions - for example, Green Arrow's character power can generate three different types of arrows, and each needs to have appeared for you to have "properly" done the special move.

This means countless people have done what they thought would get them the trophy, only to abandon it thinking it's broken, totally unaware they were so close to getting it.

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