10 Real Life Jobs Made INFINITELY Better By Video Games

Work hard. Play hard.

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There’s no such thing as a perfect job - every vocation has its setbacks. Hell, even working here where I'm allowed to talk about video games, films, TV, comics, wrestling and anything in between, even here at this field of screams I have to put up with colleagues who would give rock moss a run for who is less intelligent.

The daily grind, the slog, Mondays: it’s all so boring, which is why we turn to video games for escapism. While some of them also con us into doing a tonne of boring side missions, somehow more often than not they manage to transform even dull jobs into absolutely brilliant moments. So let’s put down the wanted ads and pick up a controller as we look at some of the most fun you can have while doing something pretty mundane.

10. Store Clerk (Job Simulator)

Job Simulator
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Working in the retail industry can be absolute hell. You’ve got rude customers to deal with, the constant threat of someone coming in and smashing the hell out of your store just to get their Twitch followers up, and you likely have to work with some absolute chump like Grace (yes I know eggs don’t go at the bottom of the bag Grace, jeez).

Anyway, Job Simulator, alongside being an absolute must buy for any VR enthusiasts out there, allows you to take on the role of a store clerk in an utterly brilliant way. For a start, it’s infinitely more fun to scan items in VR than in real life, because it’s VR and the cartoony graphics mean that you could probably watch your cat being drowned and it would elicit a few yucks.

Then there’s the fact you can just ignore your duties, lob items all over the place, and if you’re peckish even have a wee snack of a choccy bar and then charge this mug for the pleasure. Never has dousing things in virtual ketchup been so much fun.

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